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Kelly Cole is a unisex clothing brand and Los Angeles retailer dedicated to making all of our products in the USA and providing the highest level of quality and customer service in the tradition of classic American brands.  We strive to have a consciousness in our manufacturing process, and in our overall message as a brand.

What began as a personal experiment by vintage impresario Kelly Cole to curate clean yet highly constructed clothing has evolved into an experience of discovery for the discerning customer who appreciates an understated style experience and a uniformity of quality.

Fueled by a passion for presenting a constantly evolving collection of apparel and leather goods, Kelly Cole formed a partnership with denim revolutionary Sean Hornbeak, combining years of valuable experience in the denim business. The result is a new Kelly Cole Denim, knit, and leather collection that merges a classic workwear sensibility with a clean, simple, underground-savvy fashion aesthetic. The duo, feeling charged with the task of creating the perfect t-shirt body, spent years developing a highly anticipated cut-and-sew signature t-shirt. This patient, time intensive dedication to craftsmanship is a hallmark of the Kelly Cole brand.

Cole & Hornbeak share a vision for balancing creativity and commerce to build a company that offers a platform for great design and great ideas.  In a brief time, they have not only attracted a loyal clientele but have also cobranded a limited edition line for Tommy Hilfiger’s Surf Shack.

Limited edition Kelly Cole goods, as well as one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that become go-to wardrobe staples, have made the brand’s flagship store, located in District La Brea, required shopping in Los Angeles. Our selection of rare vintage music tour shirts, vintage leather jackets, and famed over-dyed vintage knits are world renowned.

As it expands into wholesale distribution to a selection of high end retailers such as Maxfield, Confederacy and American Rag, the Kelly Cole brand is finding it’s way into the permanent collections of extraordinary people’s lives.

Kelly Cole

Kelly Cole has worked in many creative mediums, approaching each with a singular perspective to provide an ethos of “cool” in which an individual lives for ideas and not mere luxury consumption and representation of status.

Having navigated a 25 year improvisational creative career as actor, DJ, restauranteur, and designer, his foray into Fashion began in 2002 with the creation of his experimental brand, retail store, and gallery space Lo-Fi, now a legend among Hollywood’s young elite. His clientele as a dj, designer, and style consultant reads like a who’s who of popular culture of the past 2 decades. He continues his work as a DJ, and environmental designer through the Kelly Cole Group.

Sean Hornbeak

For the past twenty years, Sean Hornbeak has heightened his passion for quality craftsmanship in all things, especially denim. 

With an education devoted to design, Sean served apprenticeships in design and production at Billabong, Quiksilver and Pirate Surf before literally revolutionizing LA’s denim market when he cocreated the original Denim Doctors. Here he heightened his skills in design, fit, alteration and superior customer service. There isn’t a denim enthusiast worldwide who didn’t seek out Sean’s help in restoring their favorite pair of jeans or altering the new ones to perfection. Sean held design and creative director positions at mega brands J.Brand and Current / Elliott before partnering with Kelly Cole to create the Kelly Cole brand.