Out with the Old and in with the New (old)

As you may have heard (we keep saying it) we have an insane new inventory of Vintage Rock T-shirts, which means we want to move some of our previous favorites on out… perhaps into your loving hands?  So, we've SLASHED the prices on them!  Details below, just click on the pic to take you to the shirt.

Girl, you know it's true…  you NEED this Vintage Milli Vanilli T-shirt - on sale for $55 on the site, right now. You know your middle school self (pre-disillusionment) wants it.

Vintage 1988 Bruce Springsteen "Tunnel of Love" T-shirt...perfect fade & wear.  Fits like a Large. There's a couple more Bruce options on here too, so if you miss this one, don't despair. We got you.

Rare Clash "Give 'em enough rope" T-shirt in a perfectly thin worn cotton, just waiting for you.

This classic Ramones "Too tough to die" T-shirt is a must for any die hard Ramones fan.

There are many more marked down online right now including: KissThe WhoThe Cure, etc etc etc take a look!

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For your consideration - The New NEW Vintage Rock T-shirts!

The time for Rock T-shirts is past, present, and future. It's now and we've got some KILLER new ones for you up on the site! Not to mention some sick older old ones on sale, so maybe one for you and one for...?

 Vintage 1999 Hole "Celebrity Skin" Tour T Shirt

Nothing says I love you like a little bit of Courtney Love...right?

 Vintage The Replacements "Don't Tell A Soul" T Shirt.

Not much else says "I wear my heart on my sleeve" quite like a little love for The Replacements.

Vintage 1982 Pretenders U.S.A. and Far East Tour T Shirt

It's special...SPECIAL! So..special.

Vintage 1985 "Private Dancer" Tour T Shirt

"What's love got to do with to do with it?" ...Just try not to get that song in your head, now.

You're welcome. Shop now!


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#TBT to this week's killer instagram vintage

The Ramones "Hands Across Your Face" Vintage T-Shirt

This one is still available! Come in for the IRL experience at 175 S. La Brea ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036

 Vintage Van Halen World Tour T-Shirt

This one sold immeditately but we just added SO many more online! Check it out Here

The Damned vintage T-Shirt

Brand new arrival in the store and it's going to go quick. Make sure you come check it out before it's gone! Vintage Cramps T-Shirt

This is a super rare find.

You normally don't come across a long sleeve band tee. The fit is really great and the fade is amazing. Check it out in store now!

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#TBT to this week's killer instagram vintage

UNREAL. Like BUTTER vintage Ramones 1983 3/4 sleeve t-shirt

Still available in store!!! We know Christmas is coming up, but you know you want it for yourself!

Willie Nelson 1983 Fourth of July Picnic t-shirt

Even more in store as well as a huge selection online!

 KILLER Queen 1978 Concert T-shirt

This one flew off the rack as soon as we posted it. We still have a great selection of similar Queen t-shirts available in store!

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