A 2 Song Soundtrack For Your Weekend

A 2 Song Soundtrack For Your Weekend

It's definitely not often that two new songs vie for the obsessive place in my head where great songs live.  But for the past week, I have not been able to get these two out of there.  In honor of this anomaly, I have dedicated this week's playlist to these two alone:

I consider TAME IMPALA to be one of, if not THE most important, unique, and progressive bands today.  In advance of their forthcoming 3rd album, the Australian quartet has released an extraordinary, hypnotic single in "LET IT HAPPEN".  Weighing in at 7:49, the band is clearly flexing their creative muscle and expressing their ability to do things their way, which only the very best bands can actually do.  The song is hard to classify, as it is uptempo, with an almost dance track feeling, but also has a moody rock vibe.  Singer Kevin Parker's vocals (as always) are innovative and his lyrics compelling, and the entire band seems to be progressing, elevating an already intelligent and masterfully articulated aesthetic.  I can't wait to hear the entire record.

TV ON THE RADIO's "Happy Idiot" has been out for a few months now, but I have just gotten around to putting it into my rotation.  As they are one of my favorites of the past decade, and another band that has transcended the limitations of originality in modern music, consistently putting forth both innovative & intelligent music,  I must champion this song (and their 5th studio album SEEDS) despite being late on the drop.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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The Lost Saucer (1975)

The Lost Saucer (1975)

I have it on good authority that Sid and Marty Krofft were definitely smoking a ton of weed (In case it wasn't obvious).  I was way into "LAND OF THE LOST", and "H R PUFF N STUFF" as a kid, but I had forgotten about "THE LOST SAUCER" series until recently.

The Lost Saucer was about two friendly time-travelling androids from the year 2369  who land their flying saucer on present day Earth. They good-naturedly invite a young boy and his babysitter to check out the interior of their craft.  As onlookers begin to gather, the two androids become nervous about attracting attention and abruptly take off with the two earthlings. The flying saucer has the ability to travel through time, but the controls which allow the androids to specify an exact date become damaged, thus preventing the androids from returning the earthlings to their rightful time and place.  Each episode had a specific theme, usually a social or environmental one. "Fat is Beautiful", for example, depicted a future in which people were grotesquely obese due to over-dependence on push-button conveniences, and leanness was in fact outlawed.

The show featured perhaps the zaniest pairing of any two actors ever:  Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi as the two androids (who bicker and argue incessantly with each other, neither seeming competent with their ship's controls).  Just watch it.  If YOU are working with your own herbal enhancement, all the better.  If you have kids, throw out the Yo Gabba Gabba videos and stick them in front of this.

You're welcome.

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Music Mood Board: New Blues

Music Mood Board: New Blues

I've been djing for over 25 years.  I've explored, and continue to explore every conceivable type of music.  I love learning about, and turning people on to things I have found: new artists, old artists, oddities, etc...  I love that feeling of really identifying with an artist or song, and love sharing it.  For some reason though, I suffer from this mistaken assumption that, in this age of itunes, everyone knows about the good music that's out there.  I forget that not everyone has the time to explore new music, and it's coming and going so fast these days that it's hard to keep up.  I also know that people get super snobby about being hip to stuff already, so if I offend your sensibilities, my apologies.  My intentions are completely pure!


I live in LA, and spend a lot of time in my car.  I listen to a LOT of blues in the car.  It seems to keep my road rage at a manageable level.  I thought I would start with a playlist of 10 new-ish bluesy tracks to keep your head straight in traffic, or on the train, or wherever you are.

Below is the first in a weekly installment we are calling the "Music Mood Board".  I want to turn you on, so tune in.

Just press the "Play" button & enjoy!


  1. Dustin Kensrue- "Blood & Wine
  2. Benjamin Booker- "Chippewa"
  3. Alabama Shakes- "Don't Wanna Fight"
  4. Fink- Hard Believer
  5. Liam Bailey- On My Mind
  6. Asaf Avidan- "Bang Bang"
  7. Robert Earl Keen & Lyle Lovett- "T for Texas"
  8. Gary Clark Jr.- "Don't Owe You a Thang"
  9. Mark Lanergan  Band-" Bleeding Bloody Water"
  10. Straight Arrows- "Petrified"
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#MCM Justin Theroux - The Contemporary Vintage Man's Style

I go WAY back with Justin Theroux.  In the early 90s we worked together at the Limelight in NYC.   Dude has come a long way, and he deserves it.  Justin is obviously super talented(writer, actor, art enthusiast, etc…) but you may not know what an interesting and dynamically intelligent and learned guy he is.  He's often photographed in our gear, and looking at the images, I realized he is pretty much the embodiment of our aesthetic at Kelly Cole.  

Mixing old and new into an effortless look is what Kelly Cole is all about.  People are always asking how we maintain such a great inventory of vintage.  The answer is that we put in a LOT of time into finding, cleaning, and repairing the vintage that we put on the Kelly Cole floor and site.  It's tedious work.  We also spend endless hours perfecting the Kelly Cole collection to make sure that the fit is so good for you that the experience of finding us mirrors the experience of finding that vintage piece that seems like it had been waiting just for you, and that the two work seamlessly together.

So with that in mind, we give you the Justin Theroux style series:

Cold weather is no reason to put away your leather jacket!  It's a lesson in layering: The Schott Cafe Racer Leather Jacket I found for him with our signature 100% cotton, fitted  crew neck sweatshirt underneath, designed to be worn under a leather jacket.  Note the vintage Vietnam leather combat boots from the KC store.

Vintage Schott Cafe Racer Leather Jacket & Vietnam era Combat Boots

Vintage combat boots are a dope investment as they go with just about anything and are pretty damn effortless.  

Here's a shot of him in our signature crew neck t shirt which is pretty much a necessity in every dude's wardrobe.  Sean and I made this shirt because we couldn't find one that worked for us.  This one works.                                               

Just like boots, belts are another great way to work vintage pieces into your style. Justin grabbed this great vintage leather belt in the store a few months back. He's also rocking it with a variety of other vintage pieces, and a kc blank t shirt. 

We've got an insane inventory of outrageous vintage leather motorcycle jackets in the store right now so if you're in LA...come in! There's also a TON of new vintage rock t-shirts in-store and online right now as well as some seriously well priced discounted ones on sale on the site for you to score. So, yeah, get on it.

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The one and only PPL MVR

I'm going to put you onto something that I think you will be hearing a lot about. Last week, I was invited to a special show at the Echo in LA of a new band that was recently signed to Elektra records. The flyer for the show was a MISSING poster for a 7'1" Yeti that asked you, if finding him, to bring him to the Echo.

The Band is called THE ONE AND ONLY PPL MVR.

I was intrigued.  

The pre-show music was psychedelic and garage (I was in Heaven), and the vibe in the room was electric.  This band had never played before, and no one knew who they were.  It felt like something big was about to happen.  And it did...

The pre-show music ended and we began to hear grunts from backstage, and the cracking of a whip.  Incredible lo-fi custom imagery began to play on a screen at the back of the stage.  Think bad green screen 1970s live action Saturday morning shows.  The band's trainer (also it's guitar player), took the stage in a safari outfit with a megaphone, which he used to instruct the audience on how best to behave so as not to upset the yetis.  

The band then took the stage amid more grunting, outfitted in incredibly detailed custom yeti outfits.  

The show was incredible.  A barrage of heavy psychedelic, shredding guitar numbers with catchy vocal hooks - gimmicks aside, the music was there. The trainer/guitarist often re-focused the yetis to the performance and gave them treats to keep them engaged. I found it thoroughly satisfying and entertaining, as did the well-seasoned audience which included a number of LA's rock royalty.  

A lot of mystery surrounds the band.  No one outside of their inner circle knows their identity.   Speculation is beginning to spread amid their growing underground popularity.  It is rumored that Josh Homme and Dave Grohl are somehow involved, but the label et al remain tight lipped.  

Whether it is a conceptual art project or a serious effort, I think that people are going to love it. They have been reportedly invited to play Coachella next year (...imagine the hipster tripping on LSD unwittingly walking into this show).  

See for yourself in their debut video for the song PPL MVR:

PPL MVR Collateral PPL MVR Collateral

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#MCM Stylish Dudes Sporting Kelly Cole Collection & Vintage

Throughout my career, I have had many an opportunity to meet actors, musicians, and artists, which has been cool. What is really cool, though is seeing them appreciate the work that I put into the Kelly Cole collection and curating vintage pieces they wear so effortlessly...which is exactly the way I intended it to be.

So I try to keep up with all the hashtags but obviously there's just too many to remember and to be honest, I just can only care so much.  I DO know about #wcw(it should be #wce for me: "woman crush er'yday!)  and #mcm(ugh), Sooooo With that in mind, I can't really pick just one #MCM from my amazing clientele.  Rather, I thought I'd spread the love around a bit. And also to help you guys out there find just the right pieces, I'm offering 20% off everything Kelly Cole Collection and Vintage online,  and 20% off of the Kelly Cole collection in store (plus some select vintage).  Use the Code BLKFRDY for all your web purchasers, otherwise we'll see you this week. Sale starts today through Sunday, November 30th.

Digging the vintage Harley Davidson sweatshirt on Zac Efron, and his new leading lady, Sami Miro, just might be our new #WCW as I'm hearing she's a lover of vintage, as well.   Digging the vintage Harley Davidson sweatshirt on Zac Efron, and his new leading lady, Sami Miro, just might be our new #WCW as I'm hearing she's a lover of vintage, as well.

Another homie that I see rocking his KC merch a lot is Adam Levine, as well as his beautiful wife, Behati. 

Adam and Behati have been in the store numerous times and always pick up some killer stuff. Here, he's wearing a classic white overdye t-shirt and then check out Behati in her vintage Iron Maiden shirt here Adam and Behati have been in the store numerous times and always pick up some killer stuff. Here, he's wearing a classic white overdye t-shirt and then check out Behati in her vintage Iron Maiden shirt here

A couple other musicians who I love seeing in Kelly Cole collection and vintage are the guys of Lady Antebellum. 

Dave Haywood in Mens Henley in Washed Black and vintage belt; Charles Kelly in vintage belt and vintage Brooks Cafe Racer leather jacket. Dave Haywood in Mens Henley in Washed Black and vintage belt; Charles Kelly in vintage belt and vintage Brooks Cafe Racer leather jacket.

By the way, we have so many new leather pieces in-store right now, just in time for cold weather and the holidays. If you or your man have been wanting the perfect motorcycle jacket, then you need to get in to see us, ASAP, and if you're not in LA then just call the store and we'll figure it out from there.

Also, always dig seeing Josh Hutcherson in his vintage. He also killed it in his editorial in OUT Magazine last year, which also features some of our vintage. Check it out here.

And last but definitely not least, Kid Cudi rocking his vintage Slayer t-shirt earlier this year. 

Until next time!



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