The one and only PPL MVR

I'm going to put you onto something that I think you will be hearing a lot about. Last week, I was invited to a special show at the Echo in LA of a new band that was recently signed to Elektra records. The flyer for the show was a MISSING poster for a 7'1" Yeti that asked you, if finding him, to bring him to the Echo.

The Band is called THE ONE AND ONLY PPL MVR.

I was intrigued.  

The pre-show music was psychedelic and garage (I was in Heaven), and the vibe in the room was electric.  This band had never played before, and no one knew who they were.  It felt like something big was about to happen.  And it did...

The pre-show music ended and we began to hear grunts from backstage, and the cracking of a whip.  Incredible lo-fi custom imagery began to play on a screen at the back of the stage.  Think bad green screen 1970s live action Saturday morning shows.  The band's trainer (also it's guitar player), took the stage in a safari outfit with a megaphone, which he used to instruct the audience on how best to behave so as not to upset the yetis.  

The band then took the stage amid more grunting, outfitted in incredibly detailed custom yeti outfits.  

The show was incredible.  A barrage of heavy psychedelic, shredding guitar numbers with catchy vocal hooks - gimmicks aside, the music was there. The trainer/guitarist often re-focused the yetis to the performance and gave them treats to keep them engaged. I found it thoroughly satisfying and entertaining, as did the well-seasoned audience which included a number of LA's rock royalty.  

A lot of mystery surrounds the band.  No one outside of their inner circle knows their identity.   Speculation is beginning to spread amid their growing underground popularity.  It is rumored that Josh Homme and Dave Grohl are somehow involved, but the label et al remain tight lipped.  

Whether it is a conceptual art project or a serious effort, I think that people are going to love it. They have been reportedly invited to play Coachella next year (...imagine the hipster tripping on LSD unwittingly walking into this show).  

See for yourself in their debut video for the song PPL MVR:

PPL MVR Collateral PPL MVR Collateral

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