The Lost Saucer (1975)

The Lost Saucer (1975)

I have it on good authority that Sid and Marty Krofft were definitely smoking a ton of weed (In case it wasn't obvious).  I was way into "LAND OF THE LOST", and "H R PUFF N STUFF" as a kid, but I had forgotten about "THE LOST SAUCER" series until recently.

The Lost Saucer was about two friendly time-travelling androids from the year 2369  who land their flying saucer on present day Earth. They good-naturedly invite a young boy and his babysitter to check out the interior of their craft.  As onlookers begin to gather, the two androids become nervous about attracting attention and abruptly take off with the two earthlings. The flying saucer has the ability to travel through time, but the controls which allow the androids to specify an exact date become damaged, thus preventing the androids from returning the earthlings to their rightful time and place.  Each episode had a specific theme, usually a social or environmental one. "Fat is Beautiful", for example, depicted a future in which people were grotesquely obese due to over-dependence on push-button conveniences, and leanness was in fact outlawed.

The show featured perhaps the zaniest pairing of any two actors ever:  Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi as the two androids (who bicker and argue incessantly with each other, neither seeming competent with their ship's controls).  Just watch it.  If YOU are working with your own herbal enhancement, all the better.  If you have kids, throw out the Yo Gabba Gabba videos and stick them in front of this.

You're welcome.

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