#MCM Justin Theroux - The Contemporary Vintage Man's Style

I go WAY back with Justin Theroux.  In the early 90s we worked together at the Limelight in NYC.   Dude has come a long way, and he deserves it.  Justin is obviously super talented(writer, actor, art enthusiast, etc…) but you may not know what an interesting and dynamically intelligent and learned guy he is.  He's often photographed in our gear, and looking at the images, I realized he is pretty much the embodiment of our aesthetic at Kelly Cole.  

Mixing old and new into an effortless look is what Kelly Cole is all about.  People are always asking how we maintain such a great inventory of vintage.  The answer is that we put in a LOT of time into finding, cleaning, and repairing the vintage that we put on the Kelly Cole floor and site.  It's tedious work.  We also spend endless hours perfecting the Kelly Cole collection to make sure that the fit is so good for you that the experience of finding us mirrors the experience of finding that vintage piece that seems like it had been waiting just for you, and that the two work seamlessly together.

So with that in mind, we give you the Justin Theroux style series:

Cold weather is no reason to put away your leather jacket!  It's a lesson in layering: The Schott Cafe Racer Leather Jacket I found for him with our signature 100% cotton, fitted  crew neck sweatshirt underneath, designed to be worn under a leather jacket.  Note the vintage Vietnam leather combat boots from the KC store.

Vintage Schott Cafe Racer Leather Jacket & Vietnam era Combat Boots

Vintage combat boots are a dope investment as they go with just about anything and are pretty damn effortless.  

Here's a shot of him in our signature crew neck t shirt which is pretty much a necessity in every dude's wardrobe.  Sean and I made this shirt because we couldn't find one that worked for us.  This one works.                                               

Just like boots, belts are another great way to work vintage pieces into your style. Justin grabbed this great vintage leather belt in the store a few months back. He's also rocking it with a variety of other vintage pieces, and a kc blank t shirt. 

We've got an insane inventory of outrageous vintage leather motorcycle jackets in the store right now so if you're in LA...come in! There's also a TON of new vintage rock t-shirts in-store and online right now as well as some seriously well priced discounted ones on sale on the site for you to score. So, yeah, get on it.

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