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  • Jan132016
    Kelly Cole Confessions of a Club Kid Part 7 The Voodoo Ray

    Confessions of a Club Kid Part 7: The Voodoo Ray

    The Voodoo Ray… I find it painful to wake up early. I have never been a morning person. I never quite knew what to do with myself in the morning. All those shiny happy people bopping around. Night time always seemed so much cooler. For as long as I can remember, and definitely since I was very small, I have been a night owl.

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  • Mar252015

    Confessions of a Club Kid: Part 4

    PART 4 I had met the legendary children’s talent agent Nancy Carson at a Midwest talent roundup.  She had worked…

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  • Mar182015
    Confessions of a Club Kid: Part 3

    Confessions of a Club Kid: Part 3

    PART 3:  The Party bites back…. again. I was, in fact, working on the film Eight Men Out.  I was skipping…

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  • Mar102015
    Confessions of a Club Kid

    Confessions of a Club Kid: Part 2

    PART 2:  ALL ACCESS   I had a knack for finding my way to whoever was important, wherever I was.  I just figured…

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  • Mar032015
    Kelly Cole Confessions of a Club Kid

    Confessions of a Club Kid: Part 1

    PART 1: EXPOSURE TO THE OTHER HALF    As some of you may know, I was a notorious troublemaker and club kid…

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  • Dec242014

    Last Minute Gifts? No problem…we have you covered.

    So, have you waited to the last minute like us? I know it’s a thing to say but this time…

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  • Dec202014

    For your consideration – The New NEW Vintage Rock T-shirts!

    The time for Rock T-shirts is past, present, and future. It’s now and we’ve got some KILLER new ones for…

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  • Dec042014

    #TBT to this week’s killer instagram vintage

    UNREAL. Like BUTTER vintage Ramones 1983 3/4 sleeve t-shirt Still available in store!!! We know Christmas is coming up, but…

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  • Nov252014

    #MCM Stylish Dudes Sporting Kelly Cole Collection & Vintage

    Throughout my career, I have had many an opportunity to meet actors, musicians, and artists, which has been cool. What…

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  • Oct302014

    The Inside Hook on Leather Jackets

    So I was recently introduced to the LA editor, Reuben, of the cool daily guide Inside Hook. It’s for dude’s…

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